Events, Workshops and Classes

This page contains a list of all the events, workshops and classes I have attended in the past years, both as a participant and as a speaker. For those in which I have actively presented something, a link to my slides is included whenever available.
This page does not include entire courses, for which a separate list is provided in my CV page.

Workshops and Talks

Data Storytelling Tutor

· 22-23 October 2019

Data For Good Data Camp· Milan (Italy)

Data Physicalization Speaker

· 12 October 2019

Internet Festival· Pisa (Italy)
TALK: Batjo, Installazioni fisiche DIY per raccontare i dati

Data Physicalization Speaker

· 14 June 2019

Chips & Salsa, Digital, Interactive and Mediterranean Journalisms· Genova (Italy)
TALK: Numeri, bit, atomi: quando l'informazione diventa fisica

Data Physicalization Speaker

· 02 May 2019

Data Journalism UK· Manchester (UK)
TALK: Imagining a Physical Future for Digital Journalism

Data Physicalization Speaker

· 06 March 2019

Open Days dell'Innovazione· Turin (Italy)
TALK: Batjo: Installazioni fisiche DIY per raccontare i dati

Data Activism Speaker

· 14 June 2018

Luoghi comuni. Geografie della città tra estetica, politica e studi urbani· Rome (Italy)
TALK: Dati per capire, dati per agire. Airbnb e la trasformazione delle città

Data Journalism Guest Lecturer

· 18 May 2017

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS)· 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)
TALK: A data journalism primer

Data Journalism Workshop Instructor

· 31 July 2016

Shift, Shape Mobilize by Sourcefabric· Odessa (Ukraine)
TALK: Quantifying the gender gap among movie directors

Data Scraping Workshop Instructor

· 1 June 2016

EU Transparency Camp· Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
TALK: A Data Scraper’s Toolbox

Data for Growth Hacking Workshop Instructor

· 26 Jan. 2016

Growth Tribe Academy· Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
TALK: Hack Your Career: How to Use Data to Monitor Job Markets

Data Journalism Webinar Instructor

· 11 Jan. 2016

Silk & InfoTimes· Online
TALK: How to use Silk to publish data-driven stories efficiently

Data Storytelling Mentor

· 18 Nov. 2015 - 2 Dec. 2015

Data4Change· Beirut (Lebanon)

Data Journalism Speaker

· 30 Oct. 2015

NewsImpact· Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
TALK: Visualising Crowdsourced Data: Bellingcat, Silk and the Ukraine

Data Cleaning & Enhancing Webinar Instructor

· 15 Aug. 2015

Silk· Online
TALK: Silk's Summer Webinar: Cleaning and enhancing datasets with the Silk data team

Data Journalism Workshop Instructor

· 30 Jan. 2015

NODA: Nordic Data Journalism Conference· Ålesund (Norway)
TALK: Silk for Data Journalists

Data Activism Speaker

· 11 June 2014

Transparency Summit by GNI and Center for Democracy and Technology· Berlin (Germany)

Fact-Checking, Technology and Journalism Speaker

· 24 Jan. 2014

Rethinking Journalism Conference, University of Groningen· Groningen (The Netherlands)
TALK: Between news and algorithms. How does technology shape journalistic practice (and viceversa)?

Events Attended